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Our industry-leading attack experts analyze vulnerabilities, misconfigurations 和 threat data to deliver guidance 和 intelligence that organizations can use to proactively inform, 构建, 和 improve their security programs.

#1 open-source communities fueling purple teams 和 DFIR

Join the world’s largest open-source communities, 伶盗龙 和 Metasploit, 和 leverage world class vulnerability research from the AttackerKB.

Embedded intelligence 

Gain clarity across your evolving environment with solutions 和 services that have Rapid7 Labs intelligence baked in.

Emergent threat response

Expert analysis delivers valuable context on attack trends, 紧急的威胁, 和 high-priority vulnerabilities correlated to your specific environment.

Internet exposure projects

Better underst和 your exposure to the public internet with insights from Project Sonar 和 Project Lorelei.

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Bringing a unique practitioner focus to security operations means we're ranked as a "Leader", with a "Visionary" model that puts your success at the center of all we do.


Confidently anticipate, pinpoint, 和 act to secure your organization.